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The title Gateway to English | Le français sans secrets, with a magnifying glass over the words usage, grammar, translation, syntax, typography and verb conjugations

Simplify your life with Gateway to English | Le français sans secrets!

Have you ever been stumped by a question on grammar, verb conjugation, usage, punctuation, typography or translation, and not known what website or reference work to consult? Or maybe you’ve had to look through several works to find the answer to your question?

Good news! With Gateway to English | Le français sans secrets, you can now search simultaneously in 16 of the Translation Bureau’s writing tools, in its Linguistic Recommendations and Reminders, and in hundreds of quizzes and language articles on the Language Portal of Canada. With just one query, you can search all these resources at the same time, in English and in French, for maximum results.

Gone are the days when you had to consult these resources individually or switch between the English and French sites! From now on, simplify your life and find quick answers to your language questions in English or in French with Gateway to English | Le français sans secrets!

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