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  • General Conduct of Military Operations
  • Emergency Management

In Canada, there is a distinction made between "aid to the civil power" and "assistance to civil authorities". The former term refers to military aid provided to the provincial police forces to restore and maintain law and order. The latter term encompasses all other forms of assistance the military gives to the civil community. Examples include search and rescue operations, counter-terrorism response, emergencies (natural and man-induced), fisheries and border protection, humanitarian assistance, counter-drug operations, arms smuggling, illegal immigrants, environmental surveillance and special events.


In the United Kingdom, the term "military aid to the civil authorities" is a broad concept encompassing "military aid to the civil power", "military aid to other government departments" and "military aid to the civil community".


In the United States, the scope of military assistance to civil authorities is more restricted than in other countries. The term "military assistance to civil authorities (MACA)" is used to include "military support to civil authorities (MSCA)" and "military assistance for civil disturbances (MACDIS)". The concepts represented by these terms are particular to the U.S. and their use should be reserved for American contexts.


  • Conduite générale des opérations militaires
  • Gestion des urgences

Au Canada, on fait la distinction entre «aide au pouvoir civil» et «aide aux autorités civiles». Le premier terme signifie l'aide militaire donnée aux autorités policières provinciales pour maintenir ou rétablir l'ordre public. Le deuxième terme fait référence à toute autre forme d'assistance militaire donnée à la communauté civile. Par exemple, les opérations de recherche et sauvetage, les interventions en cas d'actes terroristes, les urgences, l'aide humanitaire, la protection des pèches, de l'environnement et des frontières, la lutte contre le trafic des stupéfiants, les événements spéciaux, etc.


Au Royaume-Uni, le terme «aide militaire aux autorités civiles» est une notion générale qui englobe «aide militaire au pouvoir civil», «aide militaire aux autres départements ministériels» et «aide militaire à la communauté civile».


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