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  • Fish
  • Commercial Fishing
  • Seafood and Freshwater Food (Food Industries)
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A silvery, marine food fish, the only living member of the family Chanidae, order Gonorhynchiformes; fossils date from the Cretaceous.


The milkfish is often collected when young and raised for food in brackish or freshwater tropical ponds. It is a toothless herbivore 0.6 to 1.5 metres (2 to 5 feet) long with a deeply forked tail. It is found throughout warmer regions of the Pacific and Indian oceans ...


"bangos": Philippines.


milkfish: trade name recommended by the "Comité de normalisation de la terminologie des pêches commerciales" and by Fisheries and Oceans Canada.


"bandeng": (native name in Indonesia): the milkfish (Chanos chanos) used for mosquito control and cultivated in ponds in Indonesia.


  • Poissons
  • Pêche commerciale
  • Produits de mer et d'eau douce (Industr. alim.)
Entrée(s) universelle(s)

L'élevage du poisson-lait (Chanos chanos) se développe intensément en Asie.


chanos : nom français commercial normalisé par le Comité de normalisation de la terminologie des pêches commerciales.


Campo(s) temático(s)
  • Peces
  • Pesca comercial
  • Productos del mar y de agua dulce (Ind. alimentaria)
Entrada(s) universal(es)

[Pez] alargado, moderadamente comprimido; de cabeza puntiaguda, ojos grandes; boca pequeña al frente, sin dientes, aleta dorsal a medio cuerpo [...] escamas pequeñas lisas, línea lateral recta, en toda la longitud del cuerpo, cola grande bifurcada, plateado [...] tamaño: 180 cm., hábitat: desde fondos blandos hasta la superficie.

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