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  • Commercial and Other Bodies (Law)

A company which operates as if it were a corporation although it has not completed the legal steps to become incorporated (has no filed its articles, for example) or has been dissolved or suspended but continues to function.


A Corporation de facto or created de facto is considered to exist when one or more persons act like shareholders without having legally formed a corporation. No articles of incorporation exist and no incorporation formalities were carry out, including registration ... As a result, it is not a legal entity.


The courts temporarily treats the corporation as if it were legal in order to avoid unfairness to people who thought the corporation was legal.


  • Organismes commerciaux ou non (Droit)

Le législateur au fédéral et en Ontario rend «corporation» par «personne morale» mais celui du Nouveau-Brunswick et du Manitoba privilégie l'homographe français «corporation».


Lorsqu'on parle de société de fait dans ce cas-ci, il faut entendre une compagnie ou une personne morale qui ne remplit pas les conditions et les formalités prescrites par la loi.


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