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  • Racquet Sports

A shot that directs the ball diagonally from one corner of the court to the opposite corner; the ball so hit.


Cross court shots are played diagonally, i.e. right court to right court.


The cross court shot prevents the opponent from getting set on the baseline and preparing himself for an attacking approach shot.


Many purists have tried in vain to maintain the distinction between a "shot" and a "drive", the latter yielding a ball with a lot of pace while the former term being more generic, i.e., not necessarily a ball hit hard, but simply the result of the racquet making contact with the ball - a slice backhand or drop volley are both "shots" that require more touch than power. The term "drive" implies the use of power [and is a groundstroke].


Angled crosscourt shot.


To meet a crosscourt shot.

Key term(s)
  • cross court shot
  • cross court
  • cross-court


  • Sports de raquette

Coup frappé en diagonale, ou balle qui passe d'un coin du court à l'autre, traversant le filet en diagonale.


Le coup croisé s'exécute en diagonale : ex. de carré droit à carré droit.


[...] il faut frapper plus haut vers le centre, pour une mesure défensive, ou faire un coup croisé et tenter un coup de débordement.


Campo(s) temático(s)
  • Deportes de raqueta

Pelota que cruza la pista en sentido diagonal.

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