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  • Law of the Sea
  • Water Transport
  • Transportation Insurance

The expression [...] "running or consecutive days" relates to consecutive calendar days of 24 hours (from midnight to midnight), consequently not only working days, but Sundays and holidays as well. From the viewpoint of shipowners this is the most satisfactory description of laydays.


Not to be confused with "working days" meaning a day on which work is normally done at the port concerned, consequently excluding Sundays and holidays officially recognized as such.


  • Droit de la mer
  • Transport par eau
  • Assurance transport

Les jours courants permettent le travail pendant 24 heures consécutives. Ne pas confondre avec "jours ouvrables" dont la durée de travail peut varier selon l'usage adopté dans chaque port.


Campo(s) temático(s)
  • Derecho del mar
  • Transporte por agua
  • Seguro de transporte
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