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faisceau de câbles [1 record]

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  • Electrical Appliances and Equipment
  • Aircraft Systems

A large group of electrical wires individually tagged, clipped together and then attached as a unit to structure, usually in wireway.


A wiring harness [is] an assembly of electrical wiring bundles.


An electrical wiring harness typically comprises a bundle of individual wires of varying gauges, impedances, and types, all arranged in a particular order. These wiring harnesses are typically bound together in order to facilitate the installation, repair and maintenance of the wires, and the connection of multiple remote systems. ... In the aircraft industry, for example, wiring harnesses are used to interconnect the various electrical components and subassemblies of the multitude of systems located within an aircraft.


The operation and integrity of insulated conductors forming a core or wire bundle in an aircraft environment must be maintained, otherwise a resulting transmission of erroneous data through the wire bundles may occur. In a severe environment of increased temperatures, such as inside the leading edge of a wing, a thermal barrier installed over the wire bundles can afford the protection needed.


Wire bundle assembly, clamp, insulation.


Burn-out, stationary wire bundle.


Aircraft wiring harness.


  • Appareillage électrique
  • Circuits des aéronefs

Groupe de fils électriques étiquetés individuellement, puis attachés pour former un ensemble, fixé à l'appareil par un chemin de câbles.


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