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bazhenovo deposit[1 record]

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  • Geomorphology and Geomorphogeny
  • Géomorphologie et géomorphogénie

DEF Which has the shape of a synform. Source

CONT The ore zone at the Advocate mine in Newfoundland and the Bazhenovo deposit in Russia ... are annular in plan and synformal in cross-section. Source

OBS synform: A structure formed by the downward bending of rock strata onto earlier and steeper folds of smaller size. Synforms are usually accompanied by antiforms, which are oppositely shaped. Source

PHR Synformal structure. Source

CONT La zone minéralisée à la mine Advocate à Terre-Neuve et le gisement de Bazhenovo en Russie [...] sont annulaires en plan et synformes en coupe transversale. Source

PHR Structure synforme. Source