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Review: Noun, Adjective and Adverb Clauses

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See if you can determine the function of the highlighted dependent clause in each of the following sentences.

  1. Some people buy expensive cars simply because they can.
  2. Many people hope that Canada can eliminate its deficit.
  3. The division chiefs need to know what they should do.
  4. Which one is the person who stole your car?
  5. Wherever there is a large North American city, there is poverty.
  6. The books that the course instructor assigned were very useful.
  7. Canada might give up its marketing boards if other countries give up their grain subsidies.
  8. That is the place where Wolfe’s and Montcalm’s armies fought.
  9. Unless the Crown can make a better case, the accused will not be convicted.
  10. It is important to ask whether dress is formal or semi-formal.

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