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Review: Verb Tenses

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In the following sentences, decide whether or not the highlighted verb or compound verb is formed correctly.

  1. Joe had wringed all the water out of the clothes before he hung them on the line.
  2. Last night the wind shooked the house so much that I could not sleep.
  3. Once Joe had written a letter or two, he went upstairs and listened to his short-wave radio.
  4. The planes have flew over this neighbourhood for twenty years.
  5. The man who had been caught stealing cattle was hanged at noon.
  6. I losed my entire salary on a nag named Willy Wheeze.
  7. After Lilith defied the rules, the producers of the reality show expelled her from the contest.
  8. The bells in the tower have rang for three hours.
  9. The walls of the trenches that had been digged yesterday collapsed in the torrential downpour.
  10. Bridget has forbade us to play in the hayloft while she is away.

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