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Review: Transitive and Intransitive Verbs

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Identify whether the highlighted verb or compound verb is used transitively or intransitively:

  1. The letter carrier struggled up the hill, pulling a cart that had lost one wheel behind him.
  2. Bridget is editing her uncle’s memoirs of his lifetime as a merchant seaman.
  3. Much to the amusement of onlookers, Paul danced a minuet to the polka music that drifted out of the beer tent.
  4. At the beginning of the play, the entire cast dances manically across the stage.
  5. Stella is reading quietly in the upstairs bedroom instead of doing her chores.
  6. This year I am reading all of the works of Sylvia Townsend Warner.
  7. At the barbecue, we will eat heartily.
  8. Charles opened up his lunch, examined the contents carefully, and ate his dessert first.
  9. The Stephens sisters are both very talented; Virginia writes and Vanessa paints.
  10. When I was three years old, my father left a can of paint open in my bedroom, and early one morning, I painted my baby brother’s face green.

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