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as far as

As far as reflects a distance or limit.

  • The train no longer travels as far as Sudbury.
  • You’ve had all day to clean the garage, and this is as far as you’ve gotten?
  • Kwai went as far as interviewing all seven experts before reporting the results.

When the intended meaning is in my (his, her, your, etc.) opinion, the usual expression is as far as I am concerned (as far as he is concerned, etc.).

  • As far as I’m concerned, we don’t need to discuss the matter further.

The expression as far as (someone, something) is concerned can also mean with respect to or as for:

  • As far as the meeting is concerned, Janet will have to represent me.

Avoid as far as on its own, as a substitute for the phrase as for or the full expression as far as … concerned.

  • Incorrect: As far as Max, he won’t be coming to the party.
  • Correct: As far as Max is concerned, he won’t be coming to the party.
  • Correct: As for Max, he won’t be coming to the party.