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join, join in, join to, join up, join with

For most purposes, join is a transitive verb and takes a direct object without any preposition (e.g., join a club).

  • What knot should we use to join the ends of these ropes?

Sometimes join is followed by such prepositions as in, up and with for emphasis.

  • Sabrina’s friends urged her to join in extracurricular activities at her high school.
  • After a few choruses, Ryan was brave enough to join in the singing.
  • On this special day, I join with everyone present to wish the newlyweds every happiness.

The verb join up specifically means to become a member of an association, a movement or the military.

  • The Okanagan Sailing Club is looking for new members. Do you want to join up?

Join to is used when one item is being joined to another.

  • Mara knows how to join this piece of the quilt to the next.