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1.12 Parts of a book or document

Capitalize, but do not abbreviate, parts of a document when followed by a number or letter, e.g. Part 4, Table 14, Appendix C.

Smaller subdivisions such as paragraph, line, page and verse are also written in full but are not capitalized except in main headings. See 4.30 Parts of a book or document for further treatment of these points.

In footnotes, endnotes, bibliographies and indexes, words referring to parts of a publication should, in the interest of conciseness, be abbreviated:

  • abr.
    • abridged
  • bk., bks.
    • book(s)
  • bull.
    • bulletin
  • c., ch.
    • chapter(s)
  • ed., eds.
    • edition(s)
  • fig.
    • figure
  • fwd.
    • foreword
  • jour.
    • journal
  • mag.
    • magazine
  • pt., pts.
    • part(s)
  • ser.
    • series
  • supp.
    • supplement
  • vol., vols.
    • volume(s)