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4.30 Parts of a book or document

(a) Capitalize references to specific parts of a document. These include certain common nouns in the singular when they are used in text references with numbers or letters indicating place, position or major division in a sequence. Capitalize a letter following such a term:

  • Act II
  • Appendix B
  • Chapter 3
  • Chart 2
  • Corollary 1
  • Exhibit A
  • Figure 7
  • Plate 4
  • Scene iii
  • Table 3
  • Theorem 3
  • Volume 13

(b) Do not capitalize minor subdivisions such as page, note, line, paragraph and verse:

  • See page 6, line 48.

(c) Do not capitalize section when used for part of a law or set of regulations, but capitalize it if it refers to a large subdivision of a report, book or other document:

  • under section 23 of the Act
  • Volume 10, Section 5

(d) Do not capitalize words referring to parts of a book when they are used in a general sense, are preceded by modifiers, or are in plural forms:

  • The theory will be discussed in the next chapter.
  • The appendixes outline other migration patterns.
  • Even Miller’s extensive bibliography is not complete.

(e) Capitalize cross-references within a book when they refer to a particular section:

  • Further readings are listed in the Bibliography.
  • See the Appendix for urban statistics.

(f) Informal references to chapter and topic titles may be capitalized and written without italics or quotation marks:

His topics included Northern Travel, Survival on the Road, and Basic Maintenance.

See also 1.12 Parts of a book or document.