5.18 Governmental, military and historical designations

(a) Write out numbers of dynasties, governing bodies, and sessions of Parliament or Congress as ordinals:

  • First International
  • Third Reich
  • Fifth Republic
  • Twenty-fourth Dynasty
  • Thirty-second Parliament
  • Ninety-seventh Congress

(b) Write out ordinal numbers below 100 designating political and administrative divisions:

  • Fifth Ward
  • Tenth Circuit Court
  • Fifteenth Precinct
  • Twenty-second District

(c) Designations of large military units, especially in a foreign or historical context, may be written out in ordinals; otherwise use cardinal numerals:

  • Sixth Fleet
    5 Combat
            Engineer Regiment
  • First Canadian Army
    422 Tactical
            Helicopter quadron

(d) Write out numbers in historical, biblical or formal references:

  • the Third World
  • the Ten Commandments
  • the Twelve Apostles
  • the Thirteen Colonies