5.21 Addresses

Street and avenue designations up to and including Tenth are often spelled out, especially when this helps to prevent confusion with the building number. However, it is best to use the official name of the street (whether Tenth or 10th) as designated by the municipality:

  • 9511 Tenth Avenue
  • 1149 10th Avenue

If the street name is written in numerals, modern usage tends to favour cardinal rather than ordinal numbers:

  • 96 Ave.
  • 101 St.

However, note that in a mailing address, Canada Post’s Addressing Guidelines call for use of an ordinal numeral:

  • 9511 10TH AVENUE
  • 96TH AV
  • 101ST ST

In abbreviated form, apartment or suite numbers are written before the building number and are followed by a hyphen:

  • 107-6807 92 Ave. N.

Identify floors of a building as follows:

  • 11th floor, L’Esplanade Laurier