Enlaces Institucionales


9.16 Examples of specific entries

(a) Conference proceedings

Conference proceedings are identified by the title of the conference:

  • Cultural Economics 88: A Canadian Perspective. Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Cultural Economics, Ottawa, September 27–30, 1988. 3 vols. Edited by Harry Hillman-Chartrand, et al. Akron, Ohio: Association for Cultural Economics, 1989.

(b) Lectures

Give the speaker’s name, the title of the lecture in quotation marks, followed by a descriptive identifier (seminar, address, lecture, etc.), the sponsoring organization, the location and the date:

  • Massé, Marcel. "Partners in the Management of Canada: The Changing Roles of Government and the Public Service." John L. Manion Lecture, Canadian Centre for Management Development. Ottawa, February 18, 1993.

(c) Dissertations

List a published dissertation in the same way as other books, but identify the work as a dissertation and mention the academic institution:

  • Collard, Janice. The Theme of Rebirth in Canadian Drama. Master’s thesis. McGill University, 1989. Montréal: McGill-Queen’s University Press, 1992.

Leave the title of an unpublished dissertation in roman type and enclose it in quotation marks:

  • Monks, Ashley Andrew. "Gypsy Wanderings: Dialectal Differentiations in the Romany Language." Master’s thesis. University of British Columbia, 1995.

(d) Electronic documents

Documents stored on a CD-ROM, computer disk or database are generally listed by title. The citation must specify, in square brackets, the type of document being listed and include information needed to identify and retrieve the work:

  • "Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome." In MESH vocabulary file [database on-line]. Bethesda, Md.: National Library of Medicine, 1990 [cited October 3, 1990]. Identifier No. D000163. [49 lines.]

For further information regarding the listing of electronic sources, refer to International Standard ISO 690-2 Information and Documentation—Bibliographic References—Electronic Documents or Parts Thereof.

(e) Film and videotape

Depending on the focus of your study, a film or videotape can be listed under its title or the name of the director, producer, screenwriter or principal actor. Whatever the first component of the bibliographic entry may be, specify the medium of the work in square brackets at the end of the entry:

  • Borsos, Phillip, dir. Dr. Bethune. With Donald Sutherland and Helen Mirren. 1990. [Film.]

(f) Musical recordings

Give the name of the composer, title of the recording (or works on the recording), artist’s name (where applicable), manufacturer, catalogue number (if known), year of issue, and any other pertinent information:

  • Prokofiev, Sergei. Romeo and Juliet (excerpts). Montreal Symphony Orchestra. Cond. Charles Dutoit. London: Decca Records, 1991.
  • Somers, Harry. The Fool. With Roxolana Roslak, Patricia Rideout, David Astor and Maurice Brown. Cond. Victor Feldbrill, RCA, LSC 3094 (CBC, 272), n.d.

Bibliographic entries for published musical scores are similar to those for books.

(g) Interviews

Enter the name of the interviewee, the type of interview (personal, telephone, etc.), and the date:

  • Egoyan, Atom. Personal interview. November 27, 1994.

(h) Radio and television programs

List the entry under the title of the program and include the network or local station, the city, the broadcast date, together with other pertinent information. Note that titles of television and radio shows are italicized and that segments and episodes are set off in quotation marks:

  • You Be the Doctor. "The Lifestyle Crisis." With Valerie Pringle. Prod. by Jack McGraw. CTV Toronto Film Production. August 1, 1995.

(i) Theatrical performances

In addition to the title of the play, the playwright, director and principal actor, give the name of the theatre, the city and the date of performance, along with any other pertinent information:

  • Caird, John, and Trevor Nunn. Les Misérables. By Victor Hugo. With William Solo. Royal Shakespeare Company. National Arts Centre, Ottawa, 1994.

(j) Legislative documents

Acts, regulations and legal notices are published in federal and provincial government gazettes, which should be listed as follows:

  • The Canada Gazette. Part II. Vol. 125, No. 1 (2 January 1991)–Vol. 125, No. 17 (14 August 1991).

Note that the title of the gazette is italicized and that the jurisdiction and legislative body need not be mentioned.

Adopt the following order for order papers and notices: name of government; name of department, agency or institution; title of document; legislature and session numbers; volume and issue numbers (if any); issue date; and publication data:

  • Canada. Parliament. House of Commons. Order Paper and Notices. 33rd Parliament, 1st Session. No. 134 (28 June 1985). Ottawa: Queen’s Printer, 1985.