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9.19 Books

If it is not included in a bibliography, cite the source work in detail the first time it is noted. A footnote or endnote description of a book should contain the same information as a standard bibliographic reference (see 9.08 Compiling a bibliographic entry(a)).

The place of publication, publisher’s name and date of publication should be enclosed in parentheses, but page references should remain outside the parentheses. The author’s name is followed by a comma, the name of the place of publication is followed by a colon and one space, and the publisher’s name is followed by a comma. A comma follows the parentheses:

  • 1. Michael Ondaatje, The Cinnamon Peeler (Toronto: McClelland and Stewart, 1992), p. 13.

If the source material is listed in a bibliography at the end of the text, reference notes may not require elaborate treatment. The first reference to a book may comprise only the author’s initials and surname, the title of the work, and the relevant page number(s).