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  • Private-Sector Bodies and Committees
  • Concrete Construction

The Canadian Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute is the prime source of technical information about precast/prestressed concrete in Canada. ... The purposes of this corporation are to stimulate and advance the common interests and general welfare of the structural precast/prestressed concrete industry, the architectural precast concrete industry, and the specialty precast concrete industry; to develop, fund and implement a comprehensive, ongoing marketing program to increase the demand for and use of architectural, specialty and structural precast/prestressed concrete produced in Canada; to collect and disseminate knowledge, statistics, ideas and information relating to design, manufacture and use of precast concrete and prestressed concrete; to advance precast concrete and prestressed concrete acceptance and use, through investigations and research relative to new applications of precast concrete and prestressed concrete and engineering processes for improvement of the design, manufacture, and use of precast concrete and prestressed concrete; to establish industry-wide standards of design and production of precast concrete and prestressed concrete, to improve quality and design of product; to perform all lawful and desirable activities within Canada and elsewhere, to promote the efficient, constructive, and beneficial operation of the structural, architectural and specialty precast concrete industry.


  • Organismes et comités du secteur privé
  • Bétonnage

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