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  • Helicopters (Military)
  • Types of Aircraft

A helicopter with an auxiliary propulsion system which provides thrust in excess of that which the rotor alone could produce, thereby permitting increased forward speeds; wings may or may not be provided to reduce the lift required from the rotor system. [Definition standardized by NATO.]


The rotor of the compound helicopter is powered for take-off; once cruising altitude is reached, the engine power is used to drive a propeller for forward thrust, and the rotor is allowed to freewheel and autorotate as do the blades of an autogiro. The aircraft usually has small wings to furnish lift in forward flight ...


The Lockheed AH-56A Cheyenne ... represents a recent addition to the compound helicopter family ...


compound helicopter: term standardized by NATO.


  • Hélicoptères (Militaire)
  • Types d'aéronefs

Giravion possédant une voilure tournante d'hélicoptère pour le vol vertical ou stationnaire en plus d'une voilure fixe et d'un propulseur d'avion pour le vol en translation.


hélicoptère hybride : terme normalisé par l'OTAN.


Campo(s) temático(s)
  • Helicópteros (Militar)
  • Tipos de aeronaves

Helicóptero equipado con un sistema de propulsión auxiliar, que le proporciona un empuje superior al que puede facilitarle solamente el rotor lo que le permite un aumento de la velocidad longitudinal; puede o no estar dotabo de alas para reducir la sustentación exigida a los rotores.

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