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Subject field(s)
  • Geochemistry
  • Erosion and Weathering (Geol.)
  • Thermal Springs - Uses

A hot-water solution originating within the earth and carrying dissolved mineral substances.


Hot aqueous solutions have played a part in the formation of many different types of ore deposit ... Such fluids are usually called hydrothermal solutions.


The most striking characteristic of porphyry copper deposits when compared with other hydrothermal orebodies is their enormous dimensions. The size and shape of these deposits imply that the hydrothermal solutions permeated very large volumes of rock, including country rocks, as well as the parent pluton.


Carbonatization ... affected all types of rocks, but its distribution was ... related only to those parts of the veins in which the carbonate-bearing hydrothermal solutions were in direct contact with the wallrocks.


  • Géochimie
  • Érosion et corrosion (Géologie)
  • Thermalisme

[...] certains minerais stratiformes sont sédimentaires, d'autres sont dus à un phénomène de remplacement d'une couche calcaire, par exemple sous l'influence de solutions hydrothermales [...]


La présence d'un fort gradient thermique [...] provoque la précipitation des minéraux lors du refroidissement des magmas et des solutions hydrothermales.


Campo(s) temático(s)
  • Geoquímica
  • Erosión y corrosión (Geología)
  • Fuentes termales - usos
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