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Subject field(s)
  • Rough Carpentry
  • Structural Framework
  • Roofs (Building Elements)

A rafter, bracket, or joist which projects beyond the side of a building and supports an overhanging portion of the roof.


Cornices may be classified into two main divisions. The open cornice consists of exposed rafter tails and the closed type has the rafter tails enclosed. ... Figure 1-7 shows a section of an open cornice. The lookout rafters are made of dressed stock, generally the size of the common rafter. They should extend approximately the same distance above the plate that they project beyond the building line so that they may be firmly spiked to the sides of the common rafters. The part of the lookout rafter that is exposed to view is, in many cases, cut to some ornamental curve at the bottom and to a plumb cut at its end so as to provide a surface on which a hanging gutter may be attached. A fascia board is sometimes nailed to the plumb cut of the rafters to form a solid base for the gutter. The lookout rafters sometimes extend beyond the building as much as 3 feet and are supported by being spiked to the sides of the common rafters.


Do not confuse with the closely-related term "rafter tail," which designates the part of a rafter which overhangs the wall.


  • Charpenterie
  • Charpentes
  • Toitures (Éléments du bâtiment)

Pièce de bois courte en porte-à-faux sur un mur et servant à appuyer la partie d'un toit en débord.


Campo(s) temático(s)
  • Carpintería
  • Estructuras (Construcción)
  • Techos (Elementos de edificios)
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