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Subject field(s)
  • Spacecraft
  • Launching and Space Maneuvering

The regulation of the attitude of [a] spacecraft ...


The attitude of a spacecraft is defined as the direction the spacecraft is pointing with respect to some inertial reference frame. The control of this attitude is a complex but essential task that all spacecraft must somehow perform in order to orient instrumentations, antennas, solar panels, and more. Attitude control is divided into two primary tasks: (1) the determination or measurement of the attitude and (2) the ability to control the direction the spacecraft is pointing.


attitude control; ACTL: term and abbreviation officially approved by the RADARSAT-2 Terminology Approval Group (RTAG).


  • Engins spatiaux
  • Lancement et manœuvres dans l'espace

Action d’imposer l’orientation voulue à un engin spatial.


ACTL : acronyme spécifique à Radarsat.


commande d'orientation : terme et définition publiés au Journal officiel de la République française le 25 juillet 2015.


commande d'attitude; ACTL : terme et abréviation uniformisés par le Groupe de travail de la terminologie de RADARSAT-2 (GTTR).


Campo(s) temático(s)
  • Naves espaciales
  • Lanzamiento y maniobras en el espacio
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