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  • Spacecraft

... The Progress supply vehicle to the ISS [International Space Station] is an automated version of the Soyuz, and was developed to carry propellant and cargo to the Salyut and Mir space station. It will serve the same purpose for the ISS. Although the ISS has its own propulsion system, generally it is the Progress vehicle that will perform periodic reboost maneuvers to maintain the ISS orbital altitude. The Progress is approximately the same size as the Soyuz, but it has a slightly higher mass at launch of approximately 7150 kg. The Progress spacecraft docks automatically to the ISS, and the TORU [Teleoperated Control System - Manual Docking System on Zarya] system acts as a backup remote control docking system. Progress is composed of three modules: the Cargo Module, the Refueling Module, and the Instrument/Propulsion Module. A modified version of the Progress M, called the Progress M1, is planned for operation with the ISS. This version will have more propellant tanks for refueling, as the entire Refueling Module is devoted to fuel. Water will be carried in the Cargo Module. The Progress payload includes cargo in the pressurized Cargo Module and propellant in the Refueling Module. Excess propellant that is usually in the propulsion system tanks in the Instrumentation/Propulsion Module can also be used by the ISS.


Progress supply vehicle; Progress cargo ship; Progress cargo craft; Progress resupply ship: terms officially approved by the International Space Station official approval Group (ISSOAG).


Progress M1-3 cargo spacecraft, M-44 craft.


  • Engins spatiaux

La station sera ravitaillée par un premier Progress M1. Ce vaisseau automatique [...] apportera principalement les tonnes de carburant nécessaires pour maintenir l'altitude et l'orientation de la station.


vaisseau-cargo Progress; vaisseau de ravitaillement Progress; vaisseau Progress : termes uniformisés par le Groupe de travail de la terminologie de la Station spatiale internationale (GTTSSI).


Vaisseau-cargo Progress-M.


Vaisseau-cargo Progress non habité.


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