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Subject field(s)
  • Crop Protection
  • Plant Diseases

The various bunts and smuts are usually controlled by means of seed treatment with fungicides or other chemicals known as "seed treatment chemicals". Although the literature abounds in circumlocutions such as: "X is effective for smut control", "Y controls common bunt", "Z" is a seed treatment for control of common bunt, etc., the chemicals themselves are usually identified simply by their chemical, common or trade names. In the event one might want to refer to one of these preparations by stating its purpose, logical proposals would be "bunt control chemical" and "smut control chemical".

Key term(s)
  • bunticide
  • smut control chemical
  • bunt control
  • smut control
  • seed treatment chemical


  • Protection des végétaux
  • Maladies des plantes

L'hexachlorobenzène est un anticarie de premier ordre, n'exerçant aucun effet nuisible sur la semence, même à l'état pur; les poudres qui en contiennent 12 à 15% sont efficaces.


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