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  • Surgical Instruments

There are other kinds of forceps holder, safety needle or safety pin: Bunt, Cheattle, Davis, Harrison, Mayo, Miltex, Pye-Smith, Rogge, Sauerbruck, Universal, etc.


Bunt's holder for sterilizing forceps and scissors.


Medical instruments frequently bear the name of their inventor. We didn't find any important surgeon bearing the name "Bunt". But we found two important surgeons bearing the name "Bunts". We know that in medical eponyms, the possessive form, such as "Bunts' forceps", often disappears over the years. In this specific case, it seems that the ending "s" of the patronym disappeared and the written forms "Bunt" and "Bunt's"remained. Frank E. Bunts, first president of the Academy of Medicine in Cleveland and one of four co-founders of the Cleveland Clinic Foundation and his son Alexander T. Bunts, specilaized in neurosurgery.


  • Instruments chirurgicaux

[…] les pinces doivent être réunies sur un dispositif qui ressemble à une grosse épingle de sûreté et qu'on appelle porte-pinces de Bunt. Ce dispositif permet de réunir un grand nombre de pinces pour la stérilisation et prévient aussi leur éparpillement.


Épingle Bunt [...] pour rassembler des instruments lors d'une stérilisation.


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