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  • Mammals
  • Perfume and Cosmetics Industry
  • Chemical Elements and Compounds

Castor is a secretion found in both sexes of the beaver, and it accumulates in two pear-shaped bags on the abdomen of the animal. The sacs are about the length of a finger, and at the thickest point are about the diameter of the thumb. They contain a greasy mass of yellowish-brown, reddish or blackish viscous substance. ("A Subtle Something" by Charles J. McGuirk Saturday Evening Post. Dec. 4, 1926).


An animal secretion, the castor, used in perfumery, is chiefly employed as a fixative. It consists of the dried membranous follicles of the beaver. They are filled with a strong smelling secretion which, when diluted, is not disagreeable, the odour being due to an essential oil it contains. (The Mystery and Lure of Perfume, 1969, p. 205).


  • Mammifères
  • Parfumerie
  • Éléments et composés chimiques

Sécrétion odorante du castor, employée en pharmacie et en parfumerie.


Les [...] produits naturels d'origine animale, [...] musc, civette, ambre et castoréum ont pratiquement disparu du marché; leurs odeurs caractéristiques ont été reproduites par la synthèse chimique, à l'exception peut-être du castoréum, dont l'odeur est extrêmement complexe.


Castoréum : Ce que l'on appelle «rognon de castor», au Canada.


castérium : Il est des parfums..., 1973, page 102.


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