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Subject field(s)
  • Equipment and Tools (Water Supply)
  • Wastewater Treatment

A two-story combination sewage sedimentation and sludge digestion facility, usually constructed of reinforced concrete. The top story is the sedimentation compartment, and the bottom story is the sludge digestion compartment. The incoming sewage flows slowly and continuously through the settling compartment ... and settleable solids carried by the liquid drop down through a trapped slot and form the sludge deposit in the sludge digestion compartment below.


The Imhoff septic tank, an improvement over the ordinary septic tank, is still used in the United States; it is a two-story structure with the upper compartment used for settling the sewage, the lower one for the anaerobic disintegration of sludge. A sloping floor enables solid material to slide to the lower compartment, where, since the sludge is separated from the material in the sedimentation compartment, the action is more rapid.


This two-storied wastewater treatment tank was originally patented by Karl Imhoff.


  • Équipement et outillage (Alimentation en eau)
  • Traitement des eaux usées

[...] combinaison d'un digesteur et d'un décanteur primaire, situés l'un au-dessous de l'autre. Les deux parties communiquent par une fente, les boues tombant directement dans la zone de digestion.


Le terme «fosse Imhoff» désigne originalement le digesteur décanteur conçu par Karl Imhoff; lorsqu'il s'agit de copies du même appareil, il est préférable d'utiliser les termes donnés en synonymes.

Key term(s)
  • bassin Imhoff
  • fosse Emscher
  • digesteur-décanteur


Campo(s) temático(s)
  • Equipo y herramientas (Abastecimiento de agua)
  • Tratamiento de aguas residuales

Tanque profundo de dos secciones, para aguas negras, patentado originalmente por Karl Imhoff, que consta de una cámara superior o de sedimentación a flujo continuo, y de otra cámara inferior o de digestión de lodos.

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