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CENTRIXS networks ... form the backbone of what is envisioned to become a global infrastructure, allowing the U.S. to share information rapidly with coalition partners worldwide, in support of local, regional, and global combined operations. CENTRIXS is designed to be a global, interoperable, interconnected, inexpensive, and easy-to-use information sharing system. ... The basic mission of CENTRIXS is to support the secure sharing and exchanging of intelligence and operational information through reliable communications connectivity, data manipulation, and automated processes. CENTRIXS services will provide Combatant Command (COCOM) commanders with: common operational picture (COP); common intelligence picture (CIP); electronic mail (Email) with attachments; Web-enabled services, office automation, bulletin boards, and chat service (collaboration services); [and] voice over secure Internet Protocol (VoSIP).


CENTRIXS is the premier network for coalition interoperability in support of military operations. Ongoing coalition operations continue to test and prove the viability of the CENTRIXS enterprise. Information flow to coalition partners via the multiple versions of CENTRIXS networks achieved unprecedented volume and continues to expand. CENTRIXS dissemination capabilities must become even more robust as the trend to move more command and control operations to the coalition networks continues.


CENTRIX: incorrect abbreviation sometimes found in certain sources.


  • Appellations militaires diverses
  • Informatique
  • Gestion des communications et de l'information
  • Interarmées


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