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Record 1 2003-05-27


Subject field(s)
  • Plans and Specifications (Construction)
  • Earthmoving
  • Site Development

A working drawing showing the existing and proposed vertical dimensions of a site layout, by means of contour lines and spot elevations at high and low points.


A grading plan shows both existing and proposed contour lines as well as the outline of all buildings, roads, walks, walls, and other structural elements of the design. The grading plan ... also shows the location of drainage structures such as drop inlets and catch basins...


  • Devis, cahiers des charges et plans (Construction)
  • Terrassement
  • Aménagement du terrain

Détermination officielle des cotes de nivellement des diverses voies publiques.


Le plan de nivellement indique les cotes existantes et les cotes futures (ces dernières à l'intérieur d'un cercle ou soulignées).


Campo(s) temático(s)
  • Planos y pliegos de condiciones (Construcción)
  • Remoción de tierras
  • Preparación del terreno
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