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  • Packaging Techniques
  • Food Preservation and Canning

Altering the composition of the gaseous environment which a food product contacts reduces the rate of microbiological growth and enzymatic action, reduces the rate of oxidation, and also retards the loss of product water content through respiration of differential water-vapor pressure.... Controlled atmosphere packaging (CAP) means actually controlling the total gaseous environment the product experiences. In commercial practice, it usually means lowering the oxygen and raising the CO2 and assuring that O2 does not diminish to extinction while the respiratory gases are swept out. Controlled atmosphere packaging implies constant control over all gases : O2, CO2, H2O, and ethylene and other trace gases.


The package acts as a barrier to prevent gas from entering or leaving the container system.


The term "gas flush packaging" is sometimes used as a synonym for controlled atmosphere packaging.


  • Techniques d'emballage
  • Conservation des aliments et conserverie

Mode de conditionnement des denrées alimentaires, telles que les fruits et légumes, permettant de contrôler le phénomène de respiration de ceux-ci, grâce à des ajustements permanents en gaz.


À la différence de l'atmosphère modifiée au départ, l'atmosphère contrôlée reste identique à elle-même, tout au long du stockage quels que soient les phénomènes de respiration [...]


Dans ce cas, des appareils appropriés maintiennent les mélanges gazeux dans les proportions d'origine.


Campo(s) temático(s)
  • Técnicas de embalaje
  • Conservación de los alimentos y elaboración de conservas
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