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  • Genetics

A hypothesis for the interpretation of intrachromosomal genetic recombination which is not regarded as a physical exchange of preformed genetic strands (chromosomes, chromatids).


It implies the pairing of two parental genomes or their subunits (if more than one linkage group is present at the time of their replication). After a part of the genetic information of one strand has been copied, the copy process switches to the other of the paired strands and begins to incorporate the existing genetic information in the growing copy. If the parental strands contained different alleles, a recombinant chromosome is produced possessing some alleles of the one, some of the other. In this way the process leads to a nonreciprocal recombinant.


  • Génétique

Hypothèse concernant les recombinaisons génétiques : celles-ci auraient lieu pendant le processus de duplication des chromosomes, c'est-à-dire au cours de la réplication de l'ADN, et les [enjambements] n'apparaîtraient qu'après.


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