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  • Sports Equipment and Accessories
  • Underwater Diving (Sports)

A weighted and hermetically sealed garment supplied with air; worn by underwater divers.


Standard diving dress consists of a copper, brass or bronze diving helmet, an umbilical cord to the surface-supplied diving air pump, a canvas diving suit and lead boots.


Standard diving dress is now obsolete but is historically interesting.


By 1828 the device evolved into Deane's patented diving dress, the unit considered of a heavy suit to protect the diver from the cold, a helmet with viewing ports connected to the divers waist. The helmet had a connection for air to be pumped from the surface and the excess vented out the bottom of the hat.


  • Équipement et accessoires de sport
  • Plongée sous-marine (Sports)

Jusqu'en 1943, il était dangereux sinon impossible d'évoluer librement sous l'eau, les scaphandres «pieds lourds» utilisés à cette époque étaient reliés à un bateau par un «cordon ombilical» qui amenait de façon plus ou moins régulière l'air sous pression au plongeur. La lourdeur de scaphandre rendait le déplacement difficile.


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