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  • Soil Tests (Construction)
  • Soil Mechanics (Engineering)

From a great number of electrical geophysical methods, most of which are used in searching for ore deposits, the resistivity method also has proved useful in civil engineering investigations ... To determine the resistivity of the ground, the current I that flows from the batteries and through the ground between the current electrodes is measured on the milliammeter. At the same time the voltage V between the potential electrodes is measured on the potentiometer.


  • Essais du sol (Construction)
  • Mécanique des sols

Prospection électrique [...] Pour mesurer la résistivité des terrains, on injecte un courant d'intensité i entre deux électrodes A et B. On mesure la différence de potentiel V créée entre deux électrodes M et N [...] On utilise deux types de dispositifs symétriques, les 4 électrodes étant alignées : le dispositif Wenner [...] le dispositif Schlumberger [...]


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