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  • Urban Development

The therapeutically value of these waters had already been recognized by Dr. Yeager, and he was not slow to see the future of the embryo town and take advantage of its opportunities by establishing himself as one of its first citizens. The wisdom of this move has since been proved by the growth of Mineral Wells to a town of over three thousand, among whom are many wealthy citizens, and as a health resort it ranks among the foremost of the state.


Even before a road was opened under a decree of Court from what is now Rochester to the ford of the Big Beaver at Old Brightom, the necessity of a bridge at the letter point was apparent. No settlement as yet existed east of the crook, but the embryo town of Brighton, west of the stream already contained a couple of factories and several log dwellings, so the necessary steps were taken for that purpose.


  • Développement urbain

Ensemble des premiers éléments nécessaires pour la création et le libre développement d'une agglomération urbaine.


L'étude à court terme conduit à définir un germe de ville comportant 5000 logements et les équipements correspondants (Introduction à la planification urbaine, p. 245).


1968. La Mission d'étude et d'aménagement du Vaudreuil, composée d'une équipe pluridisciplinaire d'une trentaine de spécialistes (urbanistes, ingénieurs, géographes, économistes, sociologues, paysagistes), est chargée d'étudier concrètement les conditions de faisabilité de la ville, et notamment d'un premier lot de 4000 logements dans le germe de ville.


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