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  • Museums and Heritage (General)
  • Compartment - Parks Canada
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classification system code, see observation

A fire-making device consisting of a straight wooden rod with a separate, rectangular wooden base that has a small hole at the top. It may also include a small, curved bow that is usually made of wood, bone, or antler, and a palm-size piece of wood or stone.


Function: Used to kindle fire. A small amount of dry grass or moss is placed into the hole of the base, over which the rod is then inserted perpendicularly and rotated rapidly downwards, either with the hands or with the bow, which is looped around the rod, one hand moving the bow horizontally while the other hand holds the piece of wood or stone over the top of the rod.


Terms and definition officialized by the Parks Canada classification and terminological standardization system. This system is designed specifically around the Parks Canada national historical collection. All the designations for objects (regionalisms, anglicisms, archaisms, alternate spellings, etc.), are included as synonyms and can be used in the context of Parks Canada.


02-00494: Parks Canada classification system code.


  • Muséologie et patrimoine (Généralités)
  • Tiroir - Parcs Canada
Entrée(s) universelle(s)
classification system code, see observation

Tige en bois, droite ou légèrement courbe.


Fonction : Placée entre les paumes ou enroulée d'une courroie, sert d'élément moteur pour produire du feu par friction sur une base munie d'une cavité remplie d'étoupe.


Ne pas confondre avec : Tisonnier (B140:02-00440).


02-00494 : code du système de classification de Parcs Canada.


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