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  • Chemical Elements and Compounds
  • Food Additives

A density adjuster prepared from glycerol of non-animal sources and refined wood resin of pine trees.


Glycerol esters of wood rosin are produced by the esterification of pale coloured rosins derived from pine stump wood ...


Used to adjust the specific gravity of the citrus oil or oil phase to be similar to the specific gravity of the beverage emulsion and thus prevent the oil from rising or settling in the finished beverage, ... in lemon and orange drinks, and also as a masticatory substance in chewing gum base.


Provision currently exists in the Food and Drug Regulations for the use of glycerol ester of wood rosin, up to a maximum level of use of 100 parts per million (ppm), in citrus-flavoured or spruce-flavoured beverages.


  • Éléments et composés chimiques
  • Additifs alimentaires

Résine résultant de l'estérification de colophanes très peu colorées que l'on utilise dans la fabrication de la gomme à mâcher et comme agent stabilisant dans l'industrie des boissons.


L'expression «ester gum» est acceptée à l'échelle internationale. Par conséquent, nous accepterons l'utilisation du terme «gomme d'ester». La publication du Comité mixte FAO/OMS d'experts des additifs alimentaires, intitulée «Compendium of Food Additive Specifications» (Rome, édition de 1992), donne «ester gum» comme nom substitut de «glycerol ester of wood rosin».


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