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Record 1 2003-04-15


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  • Chemical Elements and Compounds
  • Crop Protection
  • Biochemistry

Enhanced well productivity potential from a new high-density reservoir drilling fluid. ... The new fluid system ... derives its viscosity solely from an interaction between a specially modified starch (DFS) and an inorganic magnesium compound (HRMgO) [= highly reactive magnesium oxide].


Dietary Mg [magnesium] supplementation using inorganic Mg sources such as MgSO4 and MgCl2 have ... been shown to improve meat quality. Studies comparing the influence of organic and inorganic magnesium compounds on meat quality indicate that the improvements in muscle colour, drip loss, and the reductions in the incidence of PSE [pale, soft and exudative pork] were greater with organic magnesium compounds such as magnesium aspartate and magnesium Bioplex.


  • Éléments et composés chimiques
  • Protection des végétaux
  • Biochimie


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