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  • Animal Feed (Agric.)

A prepared mixture of salt with other minerals added, the composition varying with the local nutritional deficiency but the common additive is one containing phosphorus. The cattle or sheep are encouraged to lick by the taste of the salt and serendipitously acquire the other minerals.


May be loose and put out in containers covered against the weather or formed into blocks that resist rain erosion and are fitted into holders fixed to buildings or free-standing in the pasture.


  • Alimentation des animaux (Agric.)

Aggloméré de sels minéraux (chlorure de sodium, phosphate de calcium, sulfate de magnésium, sulfate de fer) enrichi de vitamines et parfois d'antiparasitaires internes (phénothiazine) que l'on place dans les pâturages, à l'abri de la pluie et dans les locaux d'élevage. Les herbivores viennent, en les léchant, absorber les éléments qui risquent de leur manquer.


Campo(s) temático(s)
  • Alimentación animal (Agricultura)

Corrector vitamínico-mineral que se presenta al ganado para que se autorracione distribuyéndolo por el área de pastoreo, preferentemente cerca de los abrevaderos.


Bloques minerales para lamer. Suelen contener gran cantidad de cloruro sódico (excipiente) y microminerales.

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