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Subject field(s)
  • Botany
  • Food Additives
  • Pharmacology

The rhizome of the plant Glycyrrhiza glabra, which has a gummy texture and a sweet rather astringent flavor, and which is the source of extracts used to mask unpleasant flavors (as of drugs) or to impart pleasing flavors (as to confections or tobacco).


Used as a flavoring for drugs, beverages, chewing gum, tobacco and candies.

Key term(s)
  • liquorice root
  • licorice-root


  • Botanique
  • Additifs alimentaires
  • Pharmacologie

Rhizome (brun en dehors et jaune en dedans) d'une plante dicotylédone herbacée, vivace, employé comme édulcorant et, en thérapeutique, pour préparer des tisanes adoucissantes, pectorales, pour leur action laxative.


Campo(s) temático(s)
  • Botánica
  • Aditivos alimentarios
  • Farmacología

Rizoma de la planta llamada regaliz o orozuz.

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