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  • Tourism (General)
  • Anti-pollution Measures

A term used to describe forms of tourism that have low or minimal negative impacts on the physical and sociocultural environment in destination areas. (Jafari, Jafar. Encyclopedia of Tourism. Routledge: London. 2000)


alternative tourism: This term refers to various forms of low-impact or 'soft' tourism. These forms of tourism provide an alternation to mass and resort tourism which may have a high impact on the environment and local peoples. (Robert Christie Mill & Alastair M. Morrison Third Edition. The Tourism System. Dubuque: Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company. 1998.)


Tourism can be divided into two, hard and soft tourism. Soft tourism takes sustainable development into consideration and is more ecological. Hard tourism: Fast vehicles, ..., noise, arrogant attitudes, multinational corporations like Mc Donald's, mass tourism, no or little preparations. Soft tourism: Appropriate, slow vehicles, local lifestyles, silence, willingness to learn, local industry, private travel, getting to know the country beforehand.


soft tourism: often considered as a synonym of ecological tourism (q.v.); it describes ecological tourism under the "low-impact on the environment" angle whereas "ecological tourism" encompasses more, putting the focus on the "nature-related experience" and "type of activity" point of view.


  • Tourisme (Généralités)
  • Mesures antipollution

La valeur essentielle du tourisme doux consiste à préserver les caractéristiques du milieu visité. Il s'agit donc à la fois de respecter le cadre de vie des populations autochtones et de conserver l'équilibre de la nature.


Parler de tourisme doux c'est décrire ce qui caractérise le tourisme écologique; ce dernier terme met l'accent sur le type d'activités liées à cette forme de tourisme. Voir aussi «tourisme d'aventure douce».


Campo(s) temático(s)
  • Turismo (Generalidades)
  • Medidas contra la contaminación
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