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If you see a chemical compound with the "ol" as a suffix its an alcohol. You can have a low molecular weight alcohol like methanol (CH3OH) or a high molecular weight alcohol like glycerol (CH2OH·CHOH·CH2OH). What they all have in common is what chemists call a functional group - in this case it's the OH group - called a hydroxyl group. The number of hydroxyl groups determine whether it's an alcohol or a polyol (containing more than one hydroxyl groups). The most common ones are what chemists call the lower alcohols. In order of increasing molecular weight they are: - Methanol. ... Ethanol. ... Pure, (undenatured) alcohol .... SDA [which] is the most important commercial from of ethanol. ... Industrial alcohol. ... CDA [which] is completely denatured alcohol .... Propanol. ... Butanol.


The physical properties of alcohols are influenced by the OH group. The lower alcohols are liquids, miscible with water and other hydrogen bonded liquids.


The lower alcohols, e.g. methanol, ethanol, are water-like liquids. They dissolve well in water, less well in other solvents.


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