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  • Food Additives
  • Dietetics
  • Sugar Industry

Artificial sweeteners have been classified as nutritive and non-nutritive depending on whether they are a source of calories. ... The non-nutritive sweeteners, better known as artificial sweeteners, include substances from several different chemical classes that interact with taste receptors ...


Artificial sweeteners are sugar-substitutes. There are 2 kinds ..., nutritive and non-nutritive. Nutritive sweeteners provide some calories, non-nutritive sweeteners typically provide zero calories. ... Non-nutritive artificial sweeteners are intensely sweet - between 200-700 times sweeter than sugar. They add sweetness to foods for people (like diabetics) who need to limit their intake of sugar. They contain little or no calories or glycemic response (impact on blood sugar levels). ... FDA [Food and Drug Administration] has approved 4 nonnutritive sweeteners and regulates them as food additives: saccharin (on an interim basis pending additional study), aspartame, acesulfame potassium (or acesulfame-K), and sucralose.


Non-nutritive sweeteners, also known as artificial or non-caloric sweeteners, are intensely sweet synthetic substances, often used to replace sugars in food manufacturing and cooking because they are calorie-free.


  • Additifs alimentaires
  • Diététique
  • Sucrerie (Industrie de l'alimentation)

Les édulcorants non nutritifs contiennent peu ou pas de kilojoules.


acalorique : Qui n'apporte pas de calories (à un organisme).


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  • Aditivos alimentarios
  • Dietética
  • Industria azucarera

Producto de alto poder edulcorante que proporciona cero calorías [...] se utiliza en las comidas como sustituto del azúcar de mesa y en productos [...] como yogures, postres, gaseosas, golosinas y productos horneados, entre otros.

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