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Subject field(s)
  • Fire-Fighting Services
  • Water Collection (Water supply)

Natural or artificial water points (as rivers, lakes, ponds, etc.) from where it is possible to draw water for firefighting purposes.


Research shows that in the event of a fire people living in rural areas face a higher risk of fatality and losing property than their urban counterparts ... The following points need to be considered in order to limit the chance of fire and reduce the possible loss should a fire break out: Make sure your property is identifiable. Rural numbering is invaluable to assist in a quick response by emergency vehicles ... Ensure you have adequate water supply close by for firefighting purposes. Signpost your water supplies just in case they're needed to extinguish your neighbour's fire. Make sure portable pumps can be located within 7 meters of an open water supply.


  • Service d'incendie
  • Captage des eaux

Sources d'eau naturelles ou artificielles à l'air libre, tels étangs, lacs, rivières, etc. d'où l'eau peut être puisée directement à des fins de lutte contre les incendies.


Campo(s) temático(s)
  • Servicios de lucha contra incendios
  • Captación de agua
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