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Subject field(s)
  • Museums and Heritage (General)
  • Compartment - Parks Canada
Universal entry(ies)
classification system code, see observation

A horizontal structural beam consisting of either: (a) a long piece of timber or metal, often reinforced by a metal tie rod; or (b) top and bottom chords made of steel, timber, or other material, joined and braced by inclined metal rods.


Function: used to support a heavy weight, such as a floor or a roof joist, because of its ability to resist stress and bending.


open web beam: term that refers to part (b) of the above definition.


In the concept of the “Descriptive and visual dictionary of objects : based on the Parks Canada classification system for historical collections,” two meanings of the term “truss beam” are included in a single record (indicated by (a) and (b)).


Terms and definition officialized by the Parks Canada classification and terminological standardization system. This system is designed specifically around the Parks Canada national historical collection. All the designations for objects (regionalisms, anglicisms, archaisms, alternate spellings, etc.), are included as synonyms and can be used in the context of Parks Canada.


01-00025: Parks Canada classification system code.


  • Muséologie et patrimoine (Généralités)
  • Tiroir - Parcs Canada
Entrée(s) universelle(s)
classification system code, see observation

Poutre en bois ou en métal placée horizontalement sur l'extrémité supérieure d'éléments de structure d'une charpente ou sur l'assiette d'un mur de maçonnerie.


Fonction : supporte les poteaux de remplissage, les solives d'un plancher ou les pieds des chevrons d'un comble.


Termes et définition conformes au système de classification et de normalisation des termes de Parcs Canada. Ce système reflète spécifiquement la collection nationale historique de Parcs Canada. Toutes les désignations d'objets (régionalismes, anglicismes, archaïsmes, variantes orthographiques et autres) sont incluses parmi les synonymes et peuvent être utilisées dans le contexte de Parcs Canada.


01-00025 : code du système de classification de Parcs Canada.


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