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Subject field(s)
  • Road Maintenance
  • Urban Furnishings and Equipment

Mechanical street sweepers are the "heavy duty" machines of the industry; having the capability to move the most material in the least amount of time. This general class of street sweeper utilize a system of brooms and either a "squeegee" or belt conveyor to move debris from the ground into a hopper contained within the street sweeper. A mechanical broom sweeper can pick up large chunks of debris. A mechanical broom sweeper can "dig into" and remove hard packed dirt and mud. Mechanical sweepers are very efficient when picking up wet leaves, large aggregate particles, small limbs, smashed cans, etc. Dust control for this type of machine can be a problem because of the churning action of the brooms. The onboard street sweeper water spraying system (dust control) will generally mitigate dust when working in low debris areas.


Road cleaning machine ... A demonstration of the mechanical road cleaner was held today to clean the V-4 roads near the Kiran Cinema in sector 22.


  • Entretien des routes
  • Équipements urbains

balayeuse : En général, véhicule [...] utilisé pour le nettoiement de la voie publique. [...] Il existe trois types d'engin : les balayeuses mécaniques tractées, semi-portées ou automotrices; elles comportent un balai cylindrique tournant autour d'un axe horizontal. [...] les balayeuses ramasseuses [...] les balayeuses aspiratrices automotrices ou montées sur camion porteur.


balayeuse : Engin tracté ou automoteur de nettoyage des chaussées.

Key term(s)
  • balai mécanique de rues
  • balayeuse mécanique de routes


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