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PRE-TESTING [2 records]

Record 1 2015-05-01


Subject field(s)
  • Advertising Techniques

Coordinating the pre-testing with the Public Opinion Research Directorate at PWGSC [Public Work and Government Services Canada], and forwarding the results to the Communications and Consultations Secretariat at the PCO [Privy Council Office].


  • Techniques publicitaires

Coordonner les mises à l'essai avec la Direction de la recherche sur l'opinion publique de TPSGC [Travaux publics et Services gouvernementaux Canada], et acheminer les résultats au Secrétariat des communications et des consultations du BCP [Bureau du Conseil privé].


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Record 2 2000-10-18


Subject field(s)
  • Advertising Agencies and Services
  • Marketing Research
  • Motivation and Advertising Psychology

The measurement of the acceptance of an idea of a product or service presented to potential buyers. Usually accomplished through interviews with Prospects to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the ideas or perhaps advertisements either alone or in comparison with others or a norm.

Key term(s)
  • pretesting
  • pre-testing


  • Agences et services de publicité
  • Étude du marché
  • Motivation et psychologie de la publicité

Ensemble des techniques d'investigation destinées à contrôler la valeur de la communication d'un message publicitaire avant sa diffusion.


«pré-test» : Contrôle préalable de l'efficacité d'un message publicitaire.


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