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  • Closing Devices and Nozzles (Mechanical Components)
  • Aircraft Systems

(1) The radio rack venturi restrictor valve is installed in the forward end of the left utility tunnel. The valve is positioned upstream from the venturi, and functions to limit the amount of air discharged overboard. The valve is driven closed when the radio rack fan relay is energized, and is controlled by the same circuits as the fan. The valve is always closed when the airplane is on the ground. (2) The valve is a butterfly-type with clearance between the butterfly and the housing. In the closed position (butterfly positioned 90 degrees to airflow), the valve allows approximately 10 pounds of air per minute to flow through the discharge venturi. In the open position the airflow to the venturi is increased to approximately 20 pounds per minute. The valve actuator is operated by a 115-volt, 400-cycle electric motor. The actuator contains limit switches to stop the valve in the closed position, and to limit the rotation of the butterfly to 30 degrees when in the open position.


  • Obturateurs et buses (Composants mécaniques)
  • Circuits des aéronefs

vanne de décharge baie radio : terme accepté par le Comité d'étude de la terminologie des cartes de travail du DC-9.


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