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  • Surveying

A peg place at a known relationship in level, direction, and distance to another peg to enable this one to be re-established, if disturbed.


REFERENCE STAKES a. Description. Many hubs marking the location of highways, airfields, and other works of man are bound to be uprooted or covered during the progress of construction and they must be replaced, often more than once, before construction is completed. As an aid in relocating a point which may become hidden by vegetation, or as a means of replacing points which may have been destroyed, measurements are made to nearly permanent or semi-permanent objects. This process is known as referencing or witnessing a point. On many surveys, no permanent objects may be aval as witnesses. In such cases, additional stakes may be driven. These stakes are usually 2" X 2" X 18" (approx); and b. Placement and Marking. There is no marking on a reference stake. A point can be referenced by a known distance and a known angle or by two known distances.


  • Arpentage

Implantation (plan des fouilles) - Le plan des fouilles permet de faire sur le terrain le tracé et le piquetage, puis le nivellement afin d'indiquer aux terrassiers la profondeur des déblais à enlever en chaque point.


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